Claire Porima – creator of Ira!

Sometimes, just one simple word has the power to change your mind,

break open your heart,

soothe your soul, and

hit you with a truth you cannot deny.  

(Danielle La Porte)

Kia ora ~ Hello

Nei te uri o Tainui. Ko Pirongia te maunga. Ko Waipa te awa. Ko Ngāti Hikairo te hapū. Ko Claire Porima tōku ingoa.

I’m Claire Porima – welcome.

The Ira cards are are a simple way to bring Māori language into your life.

I created the cards after hearing and observing people  around the country, and in many different homes and workplaces, saying they wanted to learn to speak Māori, but there were different challenges for them to do so.

This led me to create a simple way to bring Te Reo Māori to people, and allow for inspiration to flow in as well.

My vision is that through being comfortable with using the cards, you are encouraged to bring Māori language in your life:  you might enrol at a community Māori language class;   read Māori language books to your children, watch Māori tv, or integrate Māori culture and resources into work and home life.

As well, selecting a card and reflecting on how you can bring the meaning of it into your day, can make your day an extraordinary day.

Ko taku reo taku ohooho, ko taku reo taku mapihi mauria.

My language is my awakening; my language is the window to my soul.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are in the world, the intention is to let the Ira cards inspire you, and keep the soul fires burning.

Ngā mihi nui ki āku hoa mā: My thanks go to the beautiful souls who have helped me bring this vision into being: Te Reo Māori experts Matiu Ratima and Lorraine Johnston; Maui Studios (Vincent, Madison and Patrick) for design; Janine, Tyrin, Krishan and Mariana for the recordings; Vanessa, Director of Executive Support NZ for her website management, and IT skills; and my whānau and friends.

Aroha nui – big love, Cx

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