(L) Rimu display holder. (R) Ira cards in smart black box . (Front) Selection of cards and User Guide ( holder and cards sold separately)

You are here because of your interest and passion for te reo Māori (Aotearoa NZ’s indigenous language).  Ka rawe!  Fantastic!

These Inspiration Cards were designed to support you to connect with te reo Māori, and add a moment of inspiration into your day!  

What does the Māori word “Ira” (pron:  e-rah) mean?

Ira can mean to look closely at something; or, direct one’s attention to something

Ira can mean a dot, a point, or a birthmark

Ira can mean life principle; or the human element; or the human gene

The Ira philosophy is in the whakatauki/saying “Ira tangata, ira atua” meaning that the spiritual realm flows through us as human beings.  Ira cards invite us to connect with our innate wisdom.

It is wisdom that gives us clarity, and spurs us on take action.

How is “Ira” pronounced?   Try this: pron:  e- rah with a short ‘e’ and rolled ‘r’.

Our website has recordings so you can listen, and practice along with the audio.

Translations are tricky.

We have interpreted and  translated the words.  Sometimes, in every language, it is difficult to translate the essence of a word.  How each of us connect or relate to the Ira words is based our own knowledge, beliefs, worldview, and life experience.

Each of us will have different interpretations of the kupu/words, in both languages.  There are also historical, spiritual, and cultural meanings behind words.   For example, AROHA, Love, can grow in its meaning when considering various components of the word:

  • ARO: thought, life principle, paying attention, to focus on, to face or front
  • RŌ: inner, within, introspection
  • HĀ: life force, breath, energy
  • OHA: generosity, prosperity, abundance, wealth.  (or: Love; Charity).

Just as there are many meanings for words, there are many different ways that we each practice these words in our every day lives.

What happens when an Ira word – in Māori or in English- floods you with insight and energy?

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