The Ira Cards are a source of inspiration connecting two languages and two rich world views for you to use in your everyday life.

Māori language is a ‘taonga’ or treasured possession in Aotearoa New Zealand

Our vision is to preserve, protect and offer a new way to use the Māori language for everyone to treasure and benefit from, without isolating anyone who ‘doesn’t know’, or ‘can’t speak Māori’, or is ‘afraid to make a mistake’ .  No mistake is possible when you select :

‘PUĀWAI’ and read alongside it the word ‘FLOURISH’  or

‘ĀIO’ and see ‘SERENITY’

You look at your word (we usually pull up to three),

reflect on its meaning for your situation,

use it to help you understand or appreciate potentiality, and

practice using the kupu/word as much as appropriate, in thought or in words, during your day.

Karawhiua. Awesome. Inspirational.

Our vision is for Ira to be a Māori language resource – in homes, offices, schools, universities, work and play places, around the world.  To accomplish this, we are working towards developing our website to include guidance on using the Ira inspiration words in every day conversations.  We hope this will inspire you and have you connect more deeply with Māori language and culture, and with your own unique resourceful inspirational creativity in using the Māori language.

Our vision is also for the Ira cards to be used in their simplest form to connect you to what uplifts and motivates you; to enhance your inspiration, aspiration, positivity, resilience and growth.  One simple word has the power to transform.

Tell us what you think – please ‘like’ us on Facebook and tell us how Ira cards can be used in your world… and most importantly, gift Ira cards to: yourself (especially to yourself), your friends, children, family,  colleagues, staff, patients, clients, neighbours, pupils, students, sweetheart, bride or groom, mum or dad (especially for mums or dads), teachers, jailers (those ‘jailers’ in our mind that hold us to ransom, and, why not, literal jailers if you find yourself in such a situation), customers, volunteers ….

ngā mihi aroha  ~ big love

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