Inspiring Imagery

From the vision came the words; from the vision also came the imagery – strong, powerful, magical, sparkling and connected to Te Ao Māori (The Māori World) mythology, creation story, values, spirituality, culture and unique creativity.

The mountain as depicted on every card is a symbol of your personal foundation, your power, your unwavering strength.

Always look to your mountain. Return to your mountain.  These are refrains often heard in Māori oratory.  The mountain is an enduring symbol in other indigenous cultures also, and in general, the mountain inspires awe and wonder, fear and respect.

 Ira imagery draws influence from the earth realms that we walk in; from the surrealism of our spiritual natures; and from the natural elements of our physical world, such as:

Land   Sky   Light   Wind   Fire   Water

and the energy that sparks, ebbs, and flows between each.

It speaks of the moment of creation as light floods in, as Papa-tū-ā-nuku – our Earth Mother, and Rangi-nui-te-pō – our Sky Father were pushed apart, and the world was flooded with new light, and refreshed energy.

From that energetic force, life flourished.


Ira can also be interpreted as a point in time, like a grain of sand through the vast expanse of time and the universe.  Or, Ira can be a moment when we ground ourselves in this human experience yet are lifted into the awareness of our higher Selves, of our inner wisdom, and to know the essence of who we truly are.

Ira imagery sets out to stir these fragments of our Selves that exist in the past and present and future and the concepts align with the Te Ao Māori non-linear understanding of Time.

Also depicted in the imagery, you will see the winds of change that rush over and around the land stirring us to connect with our tīpuna  (ancestors), and with the people and living things around us.

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