Ira Cards keep proving to be a simple tool for a complex world.  I thought you might enjoy this heart-warming story of how one Ira card lifted the confidence of an already amazing woman.

Mere* was about to go to a function being held to acknowledge her career achievements.

We met just before the start of the evening and started to tell me how much she hates the spotlight on her, she would prefer not to go to the function, she was supremely nervous about her personal self crossing with her professional persona. “What on earth can I do to get me through this?”, was her question to me, but acting on intuition, I suggested she pull out an Ira card and see if it helped her answer the question for herself. Mere reached for an Ira card, and pulled out:


“That is exactly the card I need right now”, she exclaimed, and so we started to talk about what Confidence felt like to her.

When Mere and I looked into the meanings in Māori, they spoke exactly to what she wanted to project during her speech, which was: leading from the heart, being resolute, calm, and without anxiety.

Ngākau is a Māori word for heart, or mind, or soul, or ‘the seat of affections’.

Ngākau also means much more than the physical heart, as it goes to the essence of our very being.

“Titikaha” means ‘to be steadfast, unwavering resolute, committed, dedicated, unswerving’….

Some hours later I listened to Mere give her speech. Before she stepped up to the microphone, she looked over to me, and tapped just above her heart, She spoke beautifully, and won over the hearts of everyone present.

At the heart of Ira is who we really are, in our hearts.

Go well.   Mauri ora!


* not my client’s real name.

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