I have set a few commitments and intentions around learning Te Reo which I thought I’d share  with you.

One has been to listen to the news on on Māori TV and in Te Reo (subtitles are acceptable).  I rarely turn on the tv, but when I do, Māori TV is, in my opinion, the superior of all free to air tv channels.

News, docos, films, cultural events, music, cooking, reality tv (and I am not a fan of reality tv) – Māori tv is excellent viewing across all these platforms.  I 100% recommend you switch over.  I  aim to listen to one news programme in Te Reo at least once a week, or, turn it on when cooking dinner, or have it on in the background to my weekend inside chores.

Another intention I set a while back, is to speak only Māori when a particular friend who is fluent in Te Reo visits.

It’s difficult – but it’s fun,  it is brain exercise*, creative, humbling, rewarding, and it is life expanding!

It can also be quite quiet when she’s here.

A third commitment: I pull an Ira Inspiration card every day (of course).

Whenever I do that, it is a drop of stillness, of reflection and of connection with my inner wisdom.  Or, it is an irritant when I keep pulling WHAKAPAAKARI TINANA/EXERCISE, when I’ve done none.

I suppose that is the point, eh? To inspire.  To hear the voices inside my head, crying “if not now then when?”.

What are your commitments or intentions or practices around keeping inspired and/or learning te reo?  i would love you to share your experiences – pop over to the Facebook page and join the community.

Nau mai, haere mai, e hoa.


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